Qantas Nears Goal Of Full Fleet Of B737 With Wi-Fi Service

It’s been almost a year since Qantas switched on its inflight Wi-Fi service for passengers travelling on the Boeing 737-800, offering fast, free connectivity on Australian domestic flights.

The goal was to roll-out the installation of the internet across 80 aircraft by the end of 2018. Customers will be pleased to know that the national carrier is travelling well on track and is expected to have the fast and free Wi-Fi service on half of its B737 fleet by the end of June.

There are already 22 of the aircraft currently equipped with the satellite technology with the rest of the fleet on schedule to follow suit at a rate of around one jet each week.

The Qantas Wi-Fi service offers speeds of up to ten times faster than conventional on-board Wi-Fi and gives passengers the ability to stream movies, TV shows, music and news programmes which includes Foxtel, Stan, Netflix, and Spotify. Customers can also use email and access their social media, watch YouTube, and do some online shopping however voice calls are not permitted.

The Wi-Fi service also benefits the Qantas pilots and cabin crew by providing real time information that improves efficiency and the passenger experience. Pilots can access detailed live weather, helping them avoid turbulences and make better use of tailwinds to reduce flying time, whilst cabin crew have more options to better manage passengers’ onward journeys inflight.

Furthermore, the fast Wi-Fi service can also potentially reduce medical diversions.

Onboard, passengers can use their device to connect and log in to the Qantas inflight Wi-Fi service. As well as the popular entertainment channels, customers can also get destination inspiration, and search for hotels, restaurants, and transport options.

Personalised information linked to the passenger’s itinerary and Frequent Flyer account can also be easily accessed.


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