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First Class Trip Reviews Editorial Policy

In order to successfully submit a review, you must agree to this editorial policy.

IMPORTANT: From July 2017 we will only publish verified reviews where users have supplied a copy of the ticket, boarding pass or booking confirmation, or you have booked your travel with our trusted partners who confirmed your travel details.

Reviews must adhere to these conditions:

Many of these editorial conditions are imposed for legal reasons.

Verified Reviews

In order for your review to be verified, we require you to submit your boarding pass or any proof of travel. There is no obligation to verify your review for your review to be published.

IP Address checks

IP Addresses are checked to ensure that IP address of user’s location is consistent with the location indicated in the reviewer’s submission.

Moderation or Editorial change

All reviews are moderated before being published. This decision based on our editorial guidelines.  We do not correspond with users regarding rejected reviews.


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