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Finding trustworthy advice about luxury travel isn’t always easy, but with First Class Trip Reviews we’ve made it just so.

Our travel review site compiles the latest consumer opinions about a host of luxury travel listings, helping you make savvy decisions. With first-class and business class travellers in mind, we have an abundance of authentic reviews from high-end travellers.

You can find advice on the best (and worst) international airlines for business and first class travel , airport lounges, five-star hotels, luxury cruise liners and much more. And to ensure peace of mind, our contributors must supply travel confirmation to avoid fake luxury travel reviews.

Simply select the category you’re interested in from the menu bar and search for the location/company you’d like to check. We’d also like to invite you to Write A Review, positive or negative.

Further Information
We are an independent travel review site with no company affiliations. That means you can rest assured that First Class Trip Reviews is the luxury travel review site you can trust.