Have you ever wished someone had told you about their best first-class flight experience before you booked the worst? Or the best flight! Or did you wish you had more information on the best hotel to stay in for a destination you are about to explore?

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Now you can be the one to help luxury travellers by sharing your invaluable knowledge with them. You can post reviews, comments and also upload photos or video links about your high-end trips. Whichever you choose, your experiences can ultimately make a difference to someone else’s luxury holiday.

And that is worth its weight in gold which is why we’d like to reward you.

How To Earn Points

Members who post reviews, comments or blog posts can earn vouchers

Each Review
if submitted within 24 hours from travel date
Each Photo   $2
Each video or video/post link    $15
Each Blog  $50

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Terms & Conditions

1. You can write reviews for each flight, hotel, destination etc. per trip.
2. A blog requires minimum 800 words with photos or videos of which you own the copyright and give permission for First Class Trip Reviews to use the images/videos.
3. Your content must be published to be eligible to earn credit.
4. Only approved, published photos, videos or blogs will be eligible to earn credit.
5. By submitting content you grant non-exclusive ownership to First Class Trip Reviews.
6. First Class Trip Reviews reserves the right to not publish content or to remove content if it fails to meet our editorial guidelines which can be found here.