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When it comes to first-class travel, the Airbus A380 aircraft is the darling of the skies. Its twin deck layout puts it leagues ahead of its competitors on space and configuration options, upping the ante on luxury travel with showers and private cabins. Just in case that wasn’t enough for a 12-hour flight, there’s the option of caviar, butlers and double beds to throw in the mix.

From the 15 airlines that fly the world’s largest plane, here’s our round-up of what to expect on Australian-bound A380 first class cabins.

For a low-down of the top airlines’ offerings, see our Best First Class Airline 2019 article.

Shower Facility

Feeling groggy at end of your flight is never an appealing prospect, especially if there’s an important appointment awaiting your arrival. Thankfully, several airlines have you covered (in soap suds) on their A380 first class cabins. The most luxurious is the A380 first class Etihad Residence, which is the ultimate suite in opulance. But not to be outdone, the smaller A380 first class Etihad Apartment has showers available, too, as do the A380 first class Emirates suites. The plush amenity kits, Christian Lacroix on Etihad, and Bvlgari on Emirates, will leave even the most jet-lagged traveller feeling revived.


Double Beds

As to be expected, the A380 first class Etihad Residence experience would have nothing other than a real double bed. There’s no folding to be done, just a comfy, plush mattress to be enjoyed. It’s designed for two people but bear in mind it is only a double, not a queen or king-sized bed. Perhaps the most spacious bedroom is the A380 first class Singapore Airlines suite. It too offers a double bed option made up of joining two singles together.


Private Cabins

Privacy ranks highly with Etihad on its A380 first class Etihad Residence and its Apartment suites, as you’d expect for such high price tags. Both are enclosed and you are designated your own private butler with both suites. A380 first class Emirates suites offer wall-to-ceiling private suites and the A380 Singapore Airlines first class double suite is the widest on the market.


Separate Living Room and Bedroom

The sky’s queen bee is the A380 first class Etihad Residence, with its own separate living room and bedroom, each with TV and in-flight entertainment. Designed for two people with a 25% discount for the second flyer, it’s ideal if one person wants to stay up watching the in-flight films.



Etihad Residence and Apartment, the A380 first class British Airways suite as well as Emirates offer dine-on-demand a la carte menus with no pre-ordering required. You’ll find caviar and top spec wines with the Residence suite along with your own private butler service.


Onboard Wifi

You can keep in touch with the world below and stay connected on board A380 first class Etihad Residence, A380 first class Etihad Apartment, A380 first class Emirates and A380 first class Singapore Airlines suites. British Airways hopes to have its A380 first class suites with wifi by 2020.


Bar Onboard

Both Etihad’s and Emirate’s A380 aircraft offer an on-board bar with plentiful options, although Etihad’s Residence has it’s own wine-pairing offering. Not to be outdone, we love the A380 first class Qatar bar with champagne and caviar on offer in a rather snazzy decor. The A380 Qantas first class cabin has a self-serving bar.


Open Plan

If you prefer to be part of an open plan layout, the A380 first class Qatar suites, A380 British Airways first class and the A380 first class Qantas offerings are your best choices with only partial partitions.

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