As more airlines are doing away with first class and moving towards luxurious business class seats, is flying in the top dollar cabin really worth it? Over recent years, we’ve seen the demise of first class cabins. Airlines such as KLM, Asiana and Korean Air have stopped first class altogether, while other carriers have reduced them to certain long-haul routes. As business class cabins undergo ultra-plush makeovers, the demand for first class has dropped, and so has the number of seats available. So, does the difference between first class and business class still warrant the extra price tag?

Singapore Airlines first class really is up there when it comes to luxury travel. It operates two different aircraft offering first class, the A380 which has deluxe suites, and the Boeing 777-300ER which offers comfortable first class seats/beds, both of which are progressively getting an overhaul. (You’ll need to check which Singapore Airlines first class suites or seats (new or ‘old’) are available on your flight.)

When it comes to first-class travel, the Airbus A380 aircraft is the darling of the skies. Its twin deck layout puts it leagues ahead of its competitors on space and configuration options, upping the ante on luxury travel with showers and private cabins. Just in case that wasn’t enough for a 12-hour flight, there’s the […]

We’ve rounded up the best first class airline experiences for 2019; from on-board showers to spacious privacy, dining to entertainment. Your inflight experience just went to cloud nine.

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