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Singapore Airlines first class really is up there when it comes to luxury travel. It operates two different aircraft offering first class, the A380 which has deluxe suites, and the Boeing 777-300ER which offers comfortable first class seats/beds, both of which are progressively getting an overhaul. (You’ll need to check which Singapore Airlines first class suites or seats (new or ‘old’) are available on your flight.)


Singapore Airlines A380 new first class suites


What’s not to love about your own private suite? Singapore Airlines first class suites are plush private rooms which are hugely spacious on the upper deck of its A380 planes. They have an uber-comfortable leather swivel chair which reclines up to 45 degrees (you’ll love it) and a separate single bed. If you’re in the Front two suites, the bed can be transformed into a double, using two full suites. If doing this, there is a slight space between the two single mattresses where the wall partition normally comes up but if you adjust your sheets it shouldn’t make too much of a difference. One of our members in her Singapore Airlines first class reviews said she asks the very accommodating cabin crew if the front two suites are occupied and if not, swaps to a double suite without any extra charge. It’s definitely worth a try! There are only 6 suites on the new product.

For entertainment, you have a 32-inch touchscreen monitor with brilliant noise cancelling headphones, a handheld wireless tablet which you can use to control the lighting, cabin service and the entertainment system. There’s a USB and plug charger, mood lighting, small table, wardrobe and mirror, too.


Singapore Airlines A380 (old) first class suites


Singapore Airlines first class suites in the not-yet-upgraded A380 planes are still really comfortable and have a separate bed as well as chair, it isn’t a swivel chair yet it’s still comfortable at 35 inches wide. In comparison to the new A380 Suites the decor does look dated but there’s still a double bed option but with a partition between the pillows. There are 12 suites on the “older” product.



As with everything else Singapore Airlines offers, space in the shared bathrooms on the new A380s is huge. There are five mirrors with lights, a vanity table, sink and toilet (but no showers) on board and shaving plus dental kits in the bathrooms.


Singapore Airlines 777-300ER new first class seats


There are only four or eight seats depending on the aircraft in first class in a 1-2-1 configuration (choose the middle seats if you’re travelling together).

New leather upholstery with a moulded headrest have been introduced as the new first class seats. They’re still ultra wide (you can get two people on one if you try hard enough!) but they aren’t fully enclosed. There’s a magazine rack, table and 24-inch screen for in-flight entertainment with Bose noise-cancelling headphones plus power points including 110v and a USB point.


Singapore Airlines 777-300 (old) first class seats


We think the ‘old’ Singapore Airlines first class seats are really comfy. They have different leather upholstery and headrests and the partitions look a bit old fashioned in comparison to the new first class seats, but that’s more aesthetic than anything else. They fold out to wide beds (80 inches) for a decent night’s sleep. Again, these seats aren’t fully enclosed. There’s a screen 23-inch screen, Bose noise-cancelling headphones, a 110v plug and a USB point.




We all love a good amenity kit and Singapore Airlines first class has not one but three! Male (fragrance, lip balm, body lotion, aftershave) female (fragrance, lip balm, face moisturiser and hand cream) and a unisex one (candle, soap, lip balm and body lotion) and they’re all Lalique. In the A380 suites you’ll have soft pyjamas and slippers while on the 777 socks and slippers.


Food and drinks


You have two dining options when travelling Singapore Airlines first class. One is the ‘Book the Cook’ option where you can pre-order from a wider choice of food (we recommend this) or you can choose from the more limited on-board menu. There’s caviar on offer in the suites and a dine-on-demand service there, too. When it comes to champagne you can have Dom Perignon or Krug. Or both!



Now this is where Singapore Airlines really excels. The cabin crew are never intrusive, they observe and are proactive without being overbearing. If other seats are empty, they often suggest storing your carry-on under them to give you more room. They prep your seat when you go to the bathroom and leave water. They leave a nightcap when folding down your bed in the suites. Quite simply, they read their passengers which is something that many other airlines could do with learning.


On-board wifi

You get 100MB complimentary wifi on selected flights with Singapore Airlines first class tickets but we have to say it isn’t amazing. The connectivity is really slow so you’re best off waiting till you land if you need to get online.


The Private Room

In Singapore Changi Airport, the Private Room is the national carrier’s first class lounge and you can only gain entrance if you’ve booked with Singapore Airlines and not an alliance. It’s much bigger than the Sydney lounge and quite often there are only a few people there (though not always). There’s a resting room with reclining chairs (no beds), and showers in the bathrooms. Food is available throughout the day with varying menus and as far as we’ve experienced, great flavours. Terminal 3 open 0500-0200 and Terminal 2 0500-2200.


Singapore Airlines first class new suites can’t be beaten on space. At least not yet! The amenities are great, as is the food (if pre-booked), and the service top notch. The first class seats on the  Boeing 777-300ER aircraft are comfy and spacious but not cutting-edge (new or the old). We’d recommend trying the suites with your Amex points, and of course, don’t forget to leave a review about your experience.

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